MindVis is a step towards making learning empowered by Beyond Engineering. The technology behind MindVis is envisioned to:

    • Organize and present online courses material to enable students to learn at their own pace;
    • Include interactivity, online laboratories, peer-to-peer and student-to-teacher communication;
    • Create scalable software infrastructure in order to support continuous improvement in online course delivery and student engagement and make it readily available to other educational service providers.

Why Beyond Engineering created MindVis?

Two vitals drive the creation of MindVis.

  1. We always strive to use or develop the best teaching and learning tools possible for our students. MindVis will offer new opportunities to study how people learn best online – whether those learners are university students anywhere in the world, or non-university learners and will foster virtual communities of learners.
  2. We aim to shatter barriers to education.

The path ahead

Community: To create a new kind of virtual learning community, for “perpetual education.” MindVis will offer educators/ teachers/ trainers new ways of teaching and interacting with students online, while also helping in communication among students.

Certification: The creation of an online learning platform provides the opportunity to allow students not only to learn, but also to demonstrate that they have mastered the content. We plan to offer to students, an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and progress towards earning a certificate for better job prospects/ openings.

We are sure that MindVis will evolve over time in exciting ways that today we do not anticipate. The path ahead involves bold, experimental and futuristic risk-taking reflecting the best of our values and culture.


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