Unit 1-Rational Numbers

This section deals with the concept of Rational & Irrational Numbers


Unit 1-Rational Numbers

Why do we have to learn Rational Numbers? This is a very common question from students for their when they encounter this chapter in Class 8 maths. Although it is a common question, it is a good one too!

The easiest answer is that rational numbers find their application in our daily life. In our daily life, we deal with fractions and all the applications of fractions use rational numbers. The other aspect is a more theoretical aspect which involves building up the understanding of numbers starting from natural numbers and leading on to complex numbers in higher classes. 

You have studies integers and integers don't allow you to divide any two numbers. For example, 2 divided by 3 is NOT an integer. So, we need a system of numbers that help us identify numbers which leave a remainder. This is where the concept of rational numbers helps us out. 

In this section, we will build upon the concept of a rational number and then take it forward to advanced calculations in this topic.

Some common facts to remember on rational numbers:

  • A number that can be expressed as p/q, where p and q are integers and q is not equal to 0 is called a rational number.
  • Rational numbers are closed under addition, subtraction & multiplication (How? Find this out in a LIVE Class).
  • Between any two given rational numbers there are infinitely many rational numbers. The idea of mean helps us to find rational numbers between two given rational numbers.

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