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About Course : Looking for the BEST GRE Online Coaching? Welcome to this awesome online course for GRE Preparation. Get high scores in GRE with a personalized online GRE preparation.

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Assisted Self
  • No. of Videos : 200
  • No. of Sectional Test : 10
  • Notes Provided : Yes
  • No. of Live Sessions : 5
  • No. of Mock Tests : 5
  • DVDs available : No
  • Mentor Support : Yes
  • Price : 8500
  • No. of Videos : 200
  • No. of Sectional Test : 10
  • Notes Provided : Yes
  • Live Sessions : Not Provided
  • No. of Mock Tests : 5
  • DVDs available : No
  • Mentor Support : No
  • Price : 7000


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Welcome to BEST Online Coaching for GRE Preparation.

Prepare for GRE Online from a highly Experienced Faculty with High Quality Content and Individualised attention to attain guaranteed success in GRE.


1) Video Lectures
Pre-recorded 200+ video lectures, covering all the concepts of all GRE subjects.
2) Live Classes: 
Live Classes are held on regular basis for two purposes:
a) For the GRE topics that require discussion among students and mentor.
b) To discuss the doubts and queries of students. (Doubt-Clearance Sessions).
3) Reading Material and Notes
The complete book specially designed for 'GRE Exam' covering all the units (Shipped to your home at an extra cost of INR 500 only / provided FREE in PDF and downloading links).
4) Study Plan and Schedule
Personalised Study Plan and Schedule to follow is provided to each and every student.
5) Support
Instant support from instructors and support staffs provided through Telephonic Conversation, GRE Forums and Email.
6) Question Bank and MCQ's
Exhaustive Question Bank of 500+ MCQ's in the form of sectional tests (Online), Mock Tests (Online) and Assignments (shared by mentor).
7) GRE Practice Questions
Pre-recorded lectures of GRE Questions and LIVE Class discussion as well.
8) Learn from the Best!
Last but not the least, learn from amazing instructors and mentors, who are having 30 years+ teaching experience and mentoring candidates for GRE, GMAT, SAT and other standard tests.


GRE Online Preparation course is divided into 3 units, listed below:

Quantitative Reasoning:

  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Data Analysis

Verbal Reasoning:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Text completion
  • Sentence Equivalence

Analytical Writing:

  • Analyzing an issue
  • Analyzing an argument

To have a look at all the details of the curriculum click at the curriculum tab on the top.

Demo videos:

Here are some important videos from different subjects for you to have a feel of the course content.


Meet your instructors
Er. Himanshu Vasistha has been teaching young graduates since the last 9 years mentoring young minds to create successful careers through GATE & IES, GRE and SAT. He is also a professional Marine Engineer (MEC 3 MNZ), bringing in a combination of practical know how with in-depth theoretical knowledge. He has been associated with some of India’s best Online Test preparation programs.
Mr. Srinivasan Vaidyaraman is the founder of and his mission is to work towards bringing about a better education system and help people develop their spirituality. He has earned his Masters in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin after his engineering degree in Electronics and Communication. He has been teaching and preparing students for GRE, GMAT and other standard tests since the last 20 years.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. How to Subscribe for GRE Online Course?
Please follow the steps mentioned below to subscribe to the GRE Assisted Course.
(i) Visit to create an account on the website. If you face any difficulty in getting yourself registered, please call us immediately on 08283865488. 
Two steps are important to complete the registration process:
(a) Email verification (check your inbox to get a link for verification).
(b) Mobile number verification via OTP
(ii) Once the registration process is done, go to the GATE ME course page.
Click the Assisted tab and then click the green coloured SUBSCRIBE button. 
(iii) Pay the fees as per the steps described in the payment box which will open after you hit the SUBSCRIBE button.
After the payment is done, DO NOT CLICK anywhere for 3-5 seconds till you are redirected to the course page. You will be automatically subscribed to the course.
If you have any difficulties in following the step 2 for making the payment, use the link to make the payment of INR 8500 towards GRE Assisted course. This is an external secure link to help make payments easier. 
Post successful payment, you will receive an email with a payment receipt.
2. What is the difference between Assisted and Self Paced Course?
The major difference in the two course pathways is that, in Assisted course you will have a Personal mentor/ guide to take care of your doubts and queries regarding your academic and preparation doubts in addition to the time table and study material. Whereas, in Self Paced course, there is NO Personal mentor/ guide for the doubts. 
3. How is the Mentor Guidance provided in the Assisted Course?
A student can connect with his/ her mentor via Telephone, Forums, Email or Skype for a one to one consultation for doubts.
4. How are the LIVE sessions conducted? What if I miss any LIVE session?
LIVE sessions are conducted as per the course instructor's descretion and schedule for studies. Before each LIVE session, CLASS INVITES are sent via email and Whatsapp to all students with instructions to join the class with class timings. Each LIVE session held is simultaneously recorded, so even if you miss any particular session, you will able to watch it as a recorded video 24 hours later on the website.
5. What is this study plan? How is it provided?
Study plan is a time table provided to each student from the day he/she enrols in the course. In this plan, every student is assigned work/ assignments for a period of 15 days during which daily tasks are indicated in the student's dashboard on the website. Once a student completes the tasks for the given period, next schedule is updated for the next 15 days. The 15 day period ensures that a student puts in daily effort and study management can be done easily.
6. Are there online tests on the portal?
Yes, every student is provided with sectional test which are available online. Extra offline assignments are also shared by the course instructors periodically.
7. What is the duration of each video lecture?
Minimum duration of video is 5 minutes and the maximum duration of video is 1 hour. 
8. Are there any notes provided in the course?
Yes, you can choose between one of the two alternatives for an e-book as PDF and a hard copy of notes shipped to your address.
9. What is the validity of the course?
The course is valid for a lifetime access. 
10. How often can I acess the video lectures?
You can access the video lectures infinite number of times. There is no limit to the number of time a student can watch a video.  
11. How is discipline maintained in the course?
As we are not meeting you on a day to day basis, maintaining discipline and a sense of order is very important in the course. For this, all the students in the course are advised to follow the regimen and schedule shared with them. Specific changes in their pace of study and schedule can be made on request and after consideration from the course instructors. Matters of non-compliance, misbehaviour, agressive behaviour, deliberate indiscipline in following the course schedule will be strictly dealt with and can result in expulsion from the course in worst cases. Expulsion from the course will result in revoking of course access, deletion from support groups and active course communication. If a student is expelled from the course based on above mentioned cases, he/she will not be entitled to request for a refund. Reinstating of student in the course will only be done as per discretion of the instructors. 


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