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  1. Fourier's Law of Heat Conduction
  2. Thermal Conductivity of Materials
  3. Heat Transfer by Conduction

One Dimensional Steady State Conduction

  1. General Heat conduction Equation in cartesian Coordinates
  2. General Hear conduction Equation in Spherical Coordinates
  3. Heat Conduction through a Plane Wall
  4. Heat Conduction Through a composite Wall
  5. Heat Conduction through a Composite Cylinder
  6. Logarithmic Mean Area for the Hollow Cylinder

Critical Thickness of Insulation

  1. Critical Thickness of Insulation
  2. Heat Conduction with heat Generation in the nuclear cylinderical Fuel rod
  3. Heat conduction with internal heat generation
  4. Plane wall with uniform Heat Generation

Heat Transfer from Extended Surfaces (Fins)

  1. Heat Dissipation from a Fin Insulated at the Tip
  2. Estimation of Error in Temperature Measurement in a Thermometer Well
  3. Heat Dissipation from an infinitely Long Fin
  4. Efficiency and Effectiveness of Fin
  5. Two heat sources at different, temperatures

One dimensional unsteady Conduction

  1. Heat Conduction  in solids (Lumped Parameter Analysis)
  2. Time constant and Response of -Temperature Measuring Instrument
  3. Transient Heat Conduction in Semi-infinite solid

Free and forced convection

Boiling and Condensation

  1. Factors affecting nucleate boiling
  2. Nucleate pool boiling 
  3. Film pool boiling
  4. condensation heat transfer

Heat Exchanger

  1. Types of heat exchangers
  2. Logarithmic mean temperature difference
  3. Heat Exchanger effectiveness and number of transfer units (NTU)
  4. Overall heat transfer co-efficient 
  5. Heat Pipe


  1. Absorptivity, Reflectivity and Transmissivity
  2. The stefan-Boltzmann Law
  3. Shape Factor Algebra and salient features of the shape factor
  4. Heat transfer between Non-black bodies
  5. Kirchoff's Law
  6. Planck's Law
  7. Wien Displacement Law
  8. Intensity of radiation and lamber' cosine law
  9. Electrical network analogy for thermal radiation systems

Mass transfer

  1. Modes of mass transfer

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