GATE 2020 Mechanical Engineering

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Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Maths covers upto 15% marks in GATE. A good performance in this section can increase your chances of success.

Strength of Materials

One of most important subjects from Mechanical Engineering. Builds concepts for other subjects like Manufacturing Processes, Machine Design for a better understanding.

Thermodynamics and Power Plant Engineering

A subject you just can't ignore if you wish to be successful in GATE Mechanical Engineering. Each and every topic is of high importance. Our regular and be persistent.

Heat Transfer

What you learn in Thermodynamics, apply it in the section of Heat Transfer. This subject is more applied in its sense as compared to Thermodynamics.

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

A practical view of the theories of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, is what you would find in this subject. Make sure you cover these two topics before you start this subject.

Manufacturing Engineering

This is the most important topics in GATE ME, probably because of its vastness. You need to be good in the concepts of Strength of Materials in order to have a strong hold on the concepts of Manufacturing Engineering.

Industrial Engineering

A topic usually missed by most of the students. Our advice, pay as much attention to this section as you pay to other sections.

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery

This is a topic which is of highest importance after Thermodynamics and SOM. You can expect 5-8 marks of question from this subject in GATE Mechanical Engineering.

Theory of Machines and Mechanical Vibrations

This is a subject that builds the concepts for Machine Design. But again, before you start with this subject, make sure you are well versed with the concepts of SOM.

Machine Design

Machine Design deals with the application of concepts learnt in SOM and TOM. So make sure before you start with this subject, you are well versed with the concepts in SOM and TOM.

General Aptitude

This is a dedicated section in GATE which will carry 15 marks of its own. If you prepare well for this section, then you can guarantee 15 marks in your kitty!

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