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Entrepreneurship & Startup Nanodegree | From Idea to Launch

About Course : Entrepreneurship & Startup Nanodegree will help you convert your Idea into a fully functional Business. Learn how to develop, launch, fund and grow your own business.

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  • No. of Videos : 32
  • No. of Sectional Test : 5
  • Notes Provided : Yes
  • No. of Live Sessions : 32
  • No. of Mock Tests : NA
  • DVDs available : No
  • Mentor Support : Yes
  • Price : 30000
  • No. of Videos : 32
  • No. of Sectional Test : 5
  • Notes Provided : Yes
  • Live Sessions : Not Provided
  • No. of Mock Tests : NA
  • DVDs available : No
  • Mentor Support : No
  • Price : NA

Entrepreneurship & Startup Nanodegree | From Idea to Launch

Entrepreneurship and Startup Nanodegree | From Idea to Launch is an online Webinar based course which covers the steps of inception, design, formation, and management of a new company, a.k.a Startup. This 30+ webinar based online course covers interactive, online webinars which are delivered by a team of business and industry experts on the following topics:

  • Business management 101 - This webinar series covers an introduction to business management and the necessary skills needed to start a new business/enterprise.
  • Digital marketing 101 - This webinar series covers the key skills and tools needed to start and excel in the field of digital marketing.
  • Business communication 101 - This webinar series covers the necessary skills to communicate like a business person and get more business for your enterprise.

Meet your instructors:


Parampreet Singh Kalra, CoFounder-Starthub Nation, Brio Ventures and Satnam Infosys, Global Shaper, Manager-Google Business Group Chandigarh.

Manjula Sularia, Life Skills Coach & Knowledge Entrepreneur-The Transformers Value Creators


Ritika Jha Palial, Co-Founder of Codeblends. She has more than 7 years of experience in handling the digital optimization of over 100 small and large-scale businesses worldwide.

Our supporters

 Munish Jauhar, Founder & CEO GrayCell Technologies.

"This is a great way to learn the skills of Entrepreneurship from real entrepreneurs. The course is designed to give you hands-on experience in the world of entrepreneurship with its uniquely designed and planned curriculum and activities. I recommend this course to all those who are looking to enter into this exciting world."

 Pooja Kumar, Founder Nirvana Naturals

"Entrepreneurship and Startup Nanodegree promotes entrepreneurship and provides the necessary tools for both the new and experienced entrepreneur to stay on course and succeed." 

 Nhat Vuong, Founder Water Inception (Switzerland), Global Shaper

"This course is planned in a very smart way. It delivers relevant and usable theory coupled with real-world examples from practicing entrepreneurs from different industries."

 Sunil Rawal, Co-Founder Shoutlo & Uengage

"Success is always some combination of luck and skill. This course on Entrepreneurship will provide a roadmap that will help minimize our reliance on luck and maximize the part that we can control. It is a must-have for anyone venturing out on their own and a valuable refresher for those already there."

 Simarpreet Singh, Founder Mindbatteries, Global Shaper, TedX Curator & Speaker

"Out of the many Entrepreneurship courses out there, this online is the only one that is instructed by real, practicing Entrepreneurs."

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. How to Subscribe for Entrepreneurship and Startup Nanodegree | From Idea to Launch Online Course?
Please follow the steps mentioned below to subscribe to the Entrepreneurship and Startup Nanodegree Online Course.
(i) Visit to create an account on the website. If you face any difficulty in getting yourself registered, please call us immediately on 08283865488. 
Two steps are important to complete the registration process:
(a) Email verification (check your inbox to get a link for verification).
(b) Mobile number verification via OTP
(ii) Once the registration process is done, go to the Entrepreneurship and Startup Nanodegree Online course page.
Click the green coloured SUBSCRIBE button. 
(iii) Pay the fees as per the steps described in the payment box which will open after you hit the SUBSCRIBE button.
After the payment is done, DO NOT CLICK anywhere for 3-5 seconds till you are redirected to the course page. You will be automatically subscribed to the course.
If you have any difficulties in following the step 2 for making the payment, use the link to make the payment of INR 30000 towards Entrepreneurship and Startup Nanodegree Online course. This is an external secure link to help make payments easier. 
Post successful payment, you will receive an email with a payment receipt.
You can even pay us via PayTM. Before making a transfer via PayTM, let us know and then transfer the subscription fee to 8283865488. 
2. How is the Entrepreneurship and Startup Nanodegree Online Course run?
This is a Webinar based course where each topic will be taken as a LIVE webinar by the instructors. All the topics are scheduled to be held as a Webinar with the details of the topic to be discussed provided well in advance. After each webinar, all learners will be provided with activities to complete, assessments/quizzes to test the level of understanding achieved during the webinar. 
3. How is the Mentor Guidance provided in the Course?
A student can connect with his/ her mentor via Telephone, Whatsapp, Email or Skype for a one to one consultation for doubts.
4. How are the LIVE sessions conducted? What if I miss any LIVE session?
LIVE sessions are conducted as per the course instructor's schedule for the course. Before each LIVE session, CLASS INVITES are sent via email and Whatsapp to all students with instructions to join the class with class timings. Each LIVE session held is simultaneously recorded, so even if you miss any particular session, you will able to watch it as a recorded video 4-6 hours later on the website.
5. Are there online tests on the portal?
Yes, every student is provided with online tests after the webinar. Extra offline assignments are also shared by the course instructors periodically.
6. What is the duration of each webinar?
Duration of each webinar depends on the level of interaction during the webinar and the topic being discussed. As a general rule, each webinar will be of at least 1-hour duration.
7. What is the validity of the course?
The webinars are done once, but the recorded format of the course is valid for a lifetime access. 
8. How often can I access the recorded webinars?
You can access the recorded webinars an infinite number of times. There is no limit to the number of time a student can watch a video. 
12. How is the discipline maintained in the course?
As we are not meeting you on a day to day basis, maintaining discipline and a sense of order is very important in the course. For this, all the students in the course are advised to follow the regimen and schedule shared with them. Specific changes in their pace of study and schedule can be made on request and after consideration from the course instructors. Matters of non-compliance, misbehaviour, aggressive behaviour, deliberate indiscipline in following the course schedule will be strictly dealt with and can result in expulsion from the course in worst cases. Expulsion from the course will result in revoking of course access, deletion from support groups and active course communication. If a student is expelled from the course based on above-mentioned cases, he/she will not be entitled to request for a refund. Reinstating of a student in the course will only be done as per discretion of the instructors. 


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