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Article for Category Heat transfer

Notes on Steady State Conduction in Multiple Dimensions for GATE Mechanical Engineering

During our preparation for GATE Mechanical Engineering, we have all studied One Dimensional Steady State Heat Conduction. In this article, we have created short notes useful for GATE Mechanical Engineering aspirants, on the topic of Steady State Heat Cond

Notes on Heisler Charts for GATE Mechanical Engineering

An important topic in GATE Mechanical Engineering, Heisler charts give a relation between temperature and time of an object under transient conditions. These charts are basically used to calculate the temperature or time of objects under unsteady state he

Boiler Fuels & their property-Mechanical Engineering Notes

Boiler is a contrivance which converts water to steam by utilizing heat energy. Let us learn about the type of boiler fuels which are used to generate steam in boilers.

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