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What is Effective Learning? How can one achieve Effective Learning?

What is Effective Learning? How can one achieve Effective Learning?

Each day, we are learning something new, although we realize it or not.

First of all, let us first understand what is Learning? Let us understand this with the help of a flow chart.

This is a model of a Learning Process. This is actually a cycle representing the complete process of learning.

We actually start our learning process by doing the deeds (Do). Once we do something, we evaluate it by seeing the consequences or the results (Review), then we extract a meaning from whatever we have evaluated or reviewed (Learn), that actually means we have learnt from the consequences and ultimately plan accordingly for the future (Apply)

Effective Learning

Once we have learnt something, it only becomes effective when our goals are specified, that means when we know how, when and where to apply that learning!

So, let us now throw some light on how an effective learning can be achieved?

Active Learning

Active learning means active engagement, that means, the knowledge that you have attained, apply it! It involves an active engagement with materials, persons and ideas. The knowledge that you have attained becomes a learning when you actually apply it. The application can be some research, some practical work or in discussions. Only, after that, the learning becomes an effective Learning!

Collaborative Learning

Your learning process becomes more effective when learning becomes collaborative learning, that means, when learners together learn something and create something together, maybe a joint product. Keeping the things to yourself only will not help out. When you learn something and share it with others you will be able to explain more things. Collaborative Learning involves joint problem-solving, group investigations etc. Learners will also develop management skills and communication skills.

Responsibility in Learning

When the learners are well aware and responsible for learning they don’t need directions from others. They become self-directed. They, themselves plan how to proceed and how to apply the knowledge or learning they have gathered. They are self-motivated and self-regulated. They enjoy implementing and applying the Learning. Here, learner’s themselves monitor their progress and then review their plan.

Relevant Learning

Read it, if and when you need it. Gather the knowledge and get information when you have to solve the immediate problems. This is the time when the information can stick more easily to more mind and will become a learning. When you have to solve an immediate problem, you will be more receptive to the new information.

Organize the information in your mind

Your Learning becomes more effective when you organize and structure the information that you have gathered from a book or any other resource. So, create a big picture in your mind and identify the main idea. Be clear about the central theme. So, just keep it simple and whenever you read any paragraph, chapter, lecture, watch a video, keep asking yourself what is the main idea being communicated here.

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