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IELTS Writing Test-All that you need to know

IELTS Writing Test-All that you need to know

IELTS Writing Test is the task that most students find difficult to excel. Let us first throw some light on how it is different for IELTS-General and IELTS-Academic exams. For both, IELTS-General and IELTS-Academic, there are two tasks, the candidate has to write two short passages in 1 hour.

IELTS-General Writing task 

  • Task 1: In this task, the candidate is required to write a letter. The letter may be personal, semi-formal or formal. The candidate will be given with a situation and has to write a letter to explain that situation or to ask for an information or to complain in that letter.  The letter should be of 150 words. 
  • Task 2: In this task, the candidate is required to write an essay. The essay can be on your point of view or an argument on the given topic. The essay should be of 250 words. 

IELTS-Academic Writing task 

  • Task 1:  In this task, the candidate has to describe, explain or summarize a graph, diagram, table, pie-chart, a map or a process. The description should be of 150 words.  
  • Task 2: In this task, the candidate has to write an essay. Candidate will be given with a topic of general interest and has to write a response giving reasons and examples. The essay should be of 250 words. This task is generally similar in IELTS- General and IELTS - Academic. 

So, keeping the differences in the two exams (IELTS-General and IELTS-Academic) in mind, one should prepare with an appropriate material accordingly. 

Writing Task Assessment 

The candidate is assessed by the examiner on the certain criteria for General-Writing and Academic-Writing Tests. The assessment criteria are listed below: 

For Task 1: 

  • Task Achievement: This criterion assesses the details of the content provided by the candidate and the accuracy with which the candidate has mentioned key features and illustrations. It examines the overview and information provided by the candidate. The candidate is required to write 150 words for this task otherwise, there will be a penalty for lesser words. 

For Task 2: 

  • Task Response: This criterion determines the type of response that you write for the essay type question. The assessment is made for the main idea of the essay and the way you write or develop it with appropriate examples. Again, you have to write 250 words essay and you will be penalized for lesser words. 

For Task 1 and Task 2: 

  • Coherence and Cohesion: In this criterion, how you organize the information, your paragraphing skills and use of proper lexical resources I.e. connectors, conjunctions etc. are considered. Here, the number of paragraphs is also considered. If you divide your essay into more or fewer paragraphs, might lower your score. 
  • Lexical Resources: Under this criterion, proper and correct usage of vocabulary, correct spellings, correct word formation is considered. One should avoid using wrong words and informal language. 
  • Grammar: Under this criterion, the content written by the candidate is assessed for correct grammar. Consideration is given on proper usage of tenses, sentence structures and right punctuations. 

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