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How to apply for Masters in Germany? All the information you need for your application of Masters in Germany.

How to apply for Masters in Germany? All the information you need for your application of Masters in Germany. 

If you are a student planning to apply for a Masters in Germany, then this article will be the only resource for information you will need. A master’s degree in Germany is a mix of affordable cost of studies, more emphasis on hands-on training and awesome career prospects. Most of the courses in Germany are taught in English and deliver award-winning curricula.

All of the above reasons make Germany, a preferred and a great destination for you to pursue your higher education. If you have little or no information about the education system in Germany, making an application to a German university can be a bit daunting.

Below are 8 steps that will help you prepare for an application for a master’s degree in Germany:

  1. Select the right program and university for yourself: The very first step towards making an application is to select the right program and university, keeping in mind your future career and personal goals. There is a large number of universities and master level programs in Germany, so it can take some research and time to find the right kind of course for you. Consider study modules, university location, tuition fees and future opportunities as some key points while selecting a course and university. 
  1. Check and understand the requirements of admission: After having narrowed down to the course and university you want to apply to, now is the time to look into the details of ‘how to get there’. In simpler words, check the admission requirements for the course, which is usually available on the websites for all German universities. You should be careful, as a single university can have different admission requirements for different courses. In case of any issue or query regarding the admission process, do not hesitate to email the admission department of the concerned university.
  1. Meet the language requirements: As most of the master’s courses in Germany are taught in English, it is imperative you have a good command over the English language and have the proof to show for it, like IELTS, TOEFL etc. The level of the English language proficiency depends upon the admission requirements of the German university being applied to. Some German universities might demand a proficiency certificate in the German language. 
  1. Make an application: After you have decided which course to apply for and the admission requirements, it is now time to submit the application. An application can be made online via a common platform called The above-mentioned website, helps you create a personal account for your application process, select the preferred master’s course and submit the required scanned documents for completing the application. You must note that few universities use their own application platform to accept the application.
  1. Wait for the letter of acceptance: After submitting the application, sit back and wait for the letter of acceptance from the university applied to. Due to a huge number of applications coming in German universities take several weeks to release a letter of admission.
  1. Get health insurance: In Germany, even if you are an international student you are required to have health insurance. One of the preferred health insurers for International students in Germany is MAWISTA Student. You can apply for MAWISTA Student online via their website
  1. Arrange your finances: As per government of Germany, an international student needs to have a minimum of € 720 per month or € 8,640 per annum to cover for your stay in Germany. If you fail to show the proof of funds, then you will not be granted student visa for Germany. 
  1. Apply for Student Visa: Applying for a student visa is the last step towards getting your dreams to come true in Germany. Connect with Study Abroad Buddy to help you with your student visa application for a master’s in Germany.

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