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GATE Preparation tips - When to study?

GATE Preparation tips - When to study?

In this article on GATE Preparation Tips, we will talk about a very important topic and a very commonly asked questions by students on GATE preparation, i.e. when should you study? Should you prepare for GATE  during the day or during the night. Some of the students are night owls who prefer to burn the midnight oil, while some of the students prefer to get up early in the wee hours of the morning when there is no disturbance. As to which time of the day is right for GATE Preparation - there is no definite answer. Each student is different and as each one feels comfortable with what goes well with their individual nature. 

Every student must realize that they have their own peak hours of concentration and are most efficient at a particular time of the day. It is during those hours that you should focus on going through as much of the syllabus as you can. There is nothing wrong in sticking to a schedule that allows you and your mind to work at their best. But, you must realize one thing that GATE exam is a 3 hour long strenuous exam which will start at 9 AM for some and post lunch for some. Some of you will have to be at the top of your game at 9 AM and some in the afternoon will 5 PM. So the mind needs to be trained accordingly. When your turn will come to write your exam is an unknown variable, so you have to train your mind to be alert and focused throughout the day from 9 AM to 5 PM. Now let us look at some guidelines to stay attentive during the entire day for the best performance in GATE exam. 

1. Never sleep during the GATE examination hours, i.e. from 9 AM to 5 PM. If you do, the exam day will be harsh on your body and mind and if you get your turn in the second half of the day, then you would be struggling to stay awake and keep your mind attentive. So make your body attune with the correct sleep cycle so that it is ready to handle stress on the day that counts.

2. Skip the tea and coffee-stick to water.  Many people take tea or coffee before a long study session. If caffeine boosts your system then it is a good thing to consume, but often people get dependent on it and get headaches if they don't get their timely fix. You should realize this, that on the examination day, no one will be there to serve you tea or coffee during the exam. The second thing you must remember is that tea or coffee causes dehydration, which lowers your concentration once their effect wears off. Water is the best beverage to keep the mind alert. Frequently sipping water ensures that you don't feel sleepy and stay properly hydrated. Water break can also be used to calm down and gather your thoughts (especially if you are struggling through a difficult problem). 

3. Eat after every couple of hours and eat right. Many times, students get engrossed so much in their studies that they forget to take meals at proper times. While it is good to have good concentration during the study, not taking care of your glucose levels results in a decline in your performance. It's a good idea to keep a few fruits on your study desk and few nuts (walnuts are mind boosters) in your pocket. Take a break after every couple of hours, pick up a fruit and take a stroll. Get some blood circulating and give your mind a 10-15 minute breather. 

We hope you have understood and realised the importance of choosing the right time study as per the GATE exam timings. In the next article, on GATE preparation we will look at one more  important tip of GATE preparation. 

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