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GATE Preparation tips-Choose thy master with care!

GATE Preparation tips-Choose thy master with care!

While self study and natural flair can take you through GATE, a good dose of coaching and mentoring can add a lot more focus to your preparation, identify your weaknesses and sharpen your skills to suit the GATE needs. Coaching can come from various sources such as an elder sibling who has gone through the paces of GATE preparation, your college professors or specialized GATE coaching resources. The selection of coach is the biggest decision you have to take when you start thinking of preparing for GATE. Some pursuits scoff at this idea of coaching, but we all know that to be a top-notch sportsperson you need an awesome trainer. GATE is like sports event because performance is relative. In that exam hall even though all of you will be sitting in your chairs, in your minds you will be racing against each other to complete the maximum number of questions correctly within the allotted time.  

But then, which coaching do you choose? There are two types of coaching resources - (1) the corporatized factories and (2) customized courses. We all know the corporate names in coaching: you can see their big advertisements. The customized courses are you online courses, local teachers, famous and revered in online and local articles. Usually, you choose according to where your friends are going because, ultimately, the study group or the friend circle is the most important asset in GATE preparation.  

We advise you to go for customized courses. It will serve you well in many ways, like, (1) you will save a lot of money, (2) you will save a lot of time in travel, as online courses can be attended from home or hostel dorm and local teachers are also near your home, and (3) you get more 1 to 1 time with your teacher/coach/mentor. Make a decision that is right for you and then nudge your study group/friends to go there. Don't let the group dictate the coaching to you.   

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