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GATE Preparation Tips - An Exam Friendly Strategy

GATE Preparation Tips - An Exam Friendly Strategy

GATE preparation tips that we have been sharing with you, we believe have been helping you to prepare well with a well defined strategy. In this article, based on our experience with students preparing for GATE we are sharing strategy which will help you tackle the exam well. You get marks for the knowledge you display inside the examination hall. Whatever you do for a whole year, however well you think you know a subject and however great your notes might be, if you don’t write in that answer book what the examiners want you to write, you cannot score. So, always keep the exam in mind and never lose focus.

In most cases, joining some kind of tuition/institute/coaching for GATE preparation helps. Don’t make tuitions/institute/coaching the basis of your study plan through and don’t join those that put too great a burden on you. Use GATE coaching to get tips and tricks for scoring in your GATE exam. They will talk about patterns and make you do sample tests. They will give you early feedback and help you iron out your mistakes and develop a better understanding of what will and will not get you marks.

GATE coaching is an an important source of competitive intelligence. Yes! Remember we are talking about topping your exams and not just scoring well in them. Many of your competitors will also be coming to these GATE coaching institures/Online GATE coaching and this gives you a way of assessing their preparations and the methods they are using. This is a good way to learn from others methods and their mistakes, to compare your own preparation and sample test results with theirs.

Even if you have joined GATE coaching institute or Online GATE coaching, you must practise sample tests. If you solve the papers for the previous ten years for each subject, you will yourself see patterns in the way the GATE exams are designed. Don’t make the mistake of trying to extrapolate and guess what specific questions might show up in this year’s exam. Try to understand how the examiners aim to evaluate your grasp of the concepts. There are some important concepts that are always tested year after year.

There are some standard trick questions that keep showing up every now and then.

Prepare under the gun. Most of all, practise under pressure of time. Never read sample test papers at leisure, always write them under the ‘time gun’. Some questions may look very easy when you are not thinking about the time but may actually take a lot of time when you get down to solving them. In my opinion, there is no direct correlation between the marks allocated to a question and the time it takes to solve it. Don’t be surprised if you find a 1 – mark question taking more time than a 2 – mark question. Solve a few sample papers to get a feel of the marks allocated to the various questions and the approximate time the entire paper takes you. There has to be a well – defined strategy of navigating through them and scoring marks. 

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